Jamie Runion

E RYT-200

Studio Owner/Manager

Jamie discovered YOGA in 2016 soon after her second child was born. She was looking for help with her post-partum depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and PTSD. It was recommended she try a class at a local studio, and from then on YOGA became a very large part of her healing process, both mentally and physically. In 2018 she was accepted in to the YogaBuzz 200-hour training program from which she graduated and became a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. The YogaBuzz Training Program has a major emphasis on being trauma-informed, and taught Jamie how to serve her students in that manner. She began teaching at various locations around the Metro Area....anywhere that had four walls and a floor...but always had a desire to own her own business. So why not open a Yoga Studio?!Lotus Yoga was born on the concept that YOGA can be for every body and every ability. It can be accessible, it can be altered/modified, and it can be fun. This is the foundation on which Jamie, along with the incredible teaching staff at Lotus Yoga are building for our community of Yogis and those alike. We truly hope that we can serve as many humans and their physical and mental needs as we can at our studio. Jamie is married with two beautiful children. Jamie serves on the St. Jacob Board of Trustees where she is the Chairperson of Community Health and Development and is also a part of the St. Jacob Lion's Club. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, listening to live music, dancing, signing, and having a lot of fun! 

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Carmela Jade


Hello wonderful people! I am Carmela Jade and obtained my 200RYT in Vinyasa Yoga in 2016 while living in Spain, and a 50 hour training in the empowering practice of Envision Yoga. I believe that Yoga is all about connecting with your authentic self through movement and breath. Not only celebrating the wonderful things about ourselves, but also getting comfortable with the uncomfortable qualities that lie within us all. I am passionate about making yoga accessible with props and variations so that you feel empowered to tune in and do what’s best for you and your body in each moment. I started yoga to keep up with my own fitness journey, but I quickly learned it was about much more than that. I whole heartedly believe that yoga can transform oneself in life changing ways and that yoga is more than a set of “perfect” poses. In my classes I love leading you through a funky flow that invites laughter while keeping the body safe and happy by embracing the natural ways in which each individual moves. 


Andrea Driver


Andrea Driver earned her 200 hour certification in 2017 & completed her studies to obtain her 500 hour certification in 2019.  Andrea holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in education & taught in the public school system before teaching yoga.
She attended her first yoga class over twenty years ago & realized this movement was far more than exercise, but a source to get in tune with breath, body, and relaxation.  She hopes to share the benefits of yoga to others. 
Moving, laughing and being out in nature are Andrea’s daily goals. 


Jamie Lemons


I grew up in the Air Force but have lived in the area since 1997. I live with my rescue dog, Athena, who’s scared of everyone and everything. I drink more coffee than I should. I have been working in social services since 2008 and I graduated from SLU with my Master of Social Work in 2014. I love spending time with my family and dog, hiking, baking, reading, and exploring. I started practicing yoga consistently in March of 2020, fell in love with it, and never looked back. 


Bethany Bouquet


Bethany Bouquet Ryt 200 Bethany Bouquet earned her 200 hour certification in May 2021. She discovered yoga when looking for something to help her tight legs during her half marathon training. She quickly fell in love with the practice and the yoga bliss she felt at the end of each class. For Bethany, yoga is very much a combination of both mental and physical work. Expect to move, sweat, and breathe throughout her classes!  When she's not practicing yoga, you can find her walking her two dogs, Winston and Addie, running, or hanging out with her family


E-RYT 200
LMT, Certified Transformation Meditation Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher

Riv became certified in both meditation and the first level of Reiki in 2013 and has continued to seek knowledge in the holistic arena for the purpose of sharing the knowledge with others. She is currently working towards her 500 hour certification in her yoga teacher training. Her license to practice massage therapy aids in her understanding of how yoga heals the body, and conversely, her yoga training helps her with her massage clients as she can see what stretches will benefit tight or sore muscles. Riv is also the co-founder of Lunar Wellness Retreats and she facilitates retreats in Michigan, Florida, and Southern Illinois. She has two sons and an adorable pug. The pug’s name is Captain Waffles, which brings a smile to people’s faces when they find out why that name was chosen.

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Bekah O'Donnell


Bekah discovered yoga at her local YMCA while in high school. She continued her practice in college and took classes regularly at a local yoga studio and her university’s fitness center. In 2018, Bekah completed her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Buzz. She is currently working on her 300-Hour certification (also with Yoga Buzz) and studying meditation. In addition to teaching yoga in a studio, Bekah also provides a weekly yoga class to her teaching colleagues and incorporates mindfulness in her middle school classroom. Outside of practicing yoga, Bekah loves to spend time outdoors running, biking, hiking, and kayaking. She spends a lot of time with her family and loves to cook delicious vegan food.


Megan Morissette


Megan received her 200-hour certification through YogaFit in 2019 and is working toward her 500-hour certification. She discovered her passion for yoga and its healing effects while recovering from abdominal surgeries. She decided to become a Yoga instructor to share that passion and help others recover from physical and mental ailments. Megan recently moved to the Metro East area with her Fiancé Sam, and she loves to take long walks with their dog Kaladin, read, bake, and lead yoga story time for local children.  



Danielle Freeman

E RYT-500

Yoga found Danielle during one of her darkest moments in her journey of life. Kripalu Center of Yoga and Health awakened her dreams and put that, that which does not serve her anymore, to rest. She wants to share the power that functional movement, full breath flow and poetic language has on our human experience.

“It is not what your body can do when you come to my class, for instance, whether you make it to option 1 or 4, it is about what I see in my students eyes — openness, openness to feel, openness to witness, openness to reflect. Sure, we will sweat and play, but the meaningful yoga…what did you become aware of…of yourself today?”

Danielle likes to engage students physically, mentally and emotionally. You can find anywhere from dance fun, active classes like Buti yoga, or strong flows at her all level vinyasa, and she also offers a peaceful deep stretch class.


“Danielle's method of muscle isolation and the depth of the emotion she brings to her practice and teaching had me feeling the most necessary release and had me crying on my first day. She reassured me I was safe and cared for and that I was allowed to feel and express my emotions.” - Loula Varsamis

“Excellent instructor challenging yet restorative class, Expect to experience a range of posters, (seated, standing, inverted, prone, and supine) While linking breath and movement.” - James Lore